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Transformations Using Active Plant Stem Cell Callus Extract Cosmetics

Regenere3D is the first ever proprietary active plant stem cell callus extract skin renewal anti-aging cream. This advanced skincare uses active plant stem callus cells and smart technology that was developed by NASA that has effective extract properties found in no other product. 

It’s scientifically formulated to aid in accelerated skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, dark spot correction, increased biological elasticity and increased skin moisture content. Results vary depending on skin type, but may be seen in as little as one day. Full results in less then 4 weeks.

65-Year-Old Woman

Major Concern: Sun Damage, Discoloration, Fine lines
Result:“I really like the dewy look my skin now has from using Regenere3D

37-Year-Old Woman

Major Concern: Pore size, Overall texture
Result:“My skin looks brighter and feels so much softer, what a difference. I LOVE Regenere3D.

53-Year-Old Woman

Major Concern: Fine lines, Discolorations
Result:“In love with the product my skin is glowing.”


52-Year-Old Woman

Major Concern: Hydration
Result:“My skin looks hydrated and fresh.”