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This advanced skincare uses active plant stem cell callus extract and smart technology that was developed by NASA that has anti-aging properties found in no other product.

The Story of Regenere3D Begins with Experiments in Space

Through extensive research, astronauts and scientists discovered that the stem cells grow better in the microgravity of space than on Earth resulting in the creation of a rotating wall vessel bioreactor "RWV" that keeps the cells in growth medium suspension within the device to mimic the microgravity of space.

Fibroblast Breakthrough in  Skin & Tissue Repair

What was found within this progressive research were Fibroblasts, which are a type of cell found in connective tissue that makes collagen, a key protein in skin and other substances that aid in skin and tissue repair.

The search began to find the most effective complimentary ingredients to this smart technology originated from cells extracted from plants, creating the perfect natural anti-aging formula.