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Active Plant Stem Cell using Smart Technology


Fibroblast cells are crucial in the foundation of skin health. These cells are naturally found in the layers of human dermal tissue, performing a vital function by biosynthesizing the connective tissue that provides structural support and plays a critical role in the skin’s healing process. Fibroblast cells are also responsible for producing collagen, elastic fibers and glycoproteins, which are all critical elements of healthy, youthful skin. As we get older, the body produces fewer amounts of fibroblast cells, resulting in the key signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging and dryness.

Regénere 3D is the first ever active plant stem cell skin renewal anti-aging cream. This advanced skin care uses active plant stem cells and smart technology that was developed by NASA that has effective extract properties found in no other product. 


The stem cell that are released by these potent 3D cell cultures are the key elements in  Regénere3D formulas. Our products work on the cellular level to restore youthful volume by stimulating fibroblast cells that encourage skin renewal. Clinically tested results show increased hydration, visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and enhanced overall skin health.

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